Introducing Raisin!

Say hello to Raisin. He is a teacup Shih Tzu, which means he’s really rather small but ferociously cute. Our daughter gave him this name on the car ride over to pick him up, it seems to fit him pretty well.

So far his favorite activities include eating and sleeping, with sliding across the kitchen floor running a close third. He’s still getting settled in, we are off to get all sorts of pet supplies to make things even more comfortable for him as he only has one bed and food dish at the moment.

Raisin in a blanket


2 thoughts on “Introducing Raisin!

  1. What a cutie. Raisin is a perfect name. How old is he? How much does he weigh and how big will he get?
    Our friends in Ottawa just got a teacup Pomeranian that at 10 weeks old weighs one & a half pounds and isn’t as tall as a wine glass. She will only get to three pounds. Will raisin be bigger than that?

  2. He should get up to 5 lbs, right now he’s at 8 weeks and a little over a pound. We just had an official weigh-in and he topped the scales at 1 lb 4 oz.

    Emily came up with the name on the ride over to pick him up. We had already visited with him once so I think she had a pretty good idea what would fit nicely. We’re getting ready to head out for a few more pet supplies, so I’ll post another photo with Raisin getting ready to head out in his teeny doggy tote bag.

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